GoWise: AI Product Description App for Shopify Merchants
✓ Generate unique descriptions based on your product and store category
✓ Choose from multiple choices with different tones for each product
✓ Improve your SEO with unique and informative content


For Shopify merchants, using the Link in Bio app can greatly increase traffic and conversion rates. The app allows you to easily add a link to a page, product, or other content on your website in your Instagram bio, making it easier for followers to access and purchase from your store.

A link in your Instagram bio is a great way to drive additional traffic and sales. With the app, you can link to a specific product page or promotion, targeting a specific audience and increasing the chances of making a sale. Additionally, having a link in the bio makes it easier for customers to find the products they’re looking for, as they can directly access the content they’re interested in without having to search through your website.

The app also simplifies the process of updating your link. Instead of manually updating the link in your bio each time you want to share something new, the app allows you to easily switch out the link whenever you want, making it much easier to keep your followers engaged.

Another great benefit of using the Link in Bio app is that it helps you track the performance of your link. The app provides insights about how many clicks your link is receiving and where the clicks are coming from. This data can help you determine which content resonates with your followers, allowing you to make informed decisions about what content to share in the future.

Finally, the app also integrates with other Shopify apps, such as Mailchimp, allowing you to create automated emails that link to your Instagram bio. This makes it easy to drive additional traffic to your store and increase conversions by providing customers with an easy way to access your products.

Overall, the Link in Bio app is a great tool for Shopify merchants looking to drive additional traffic and conversions to their stores. It makes it easy to link to a specific page or product on your website and track your link's performance. Additionally, it integrates with other Shopify apps, allowing you to create automated emails that link to your Instagram bio. The app is a great way to make sure your followers are always able to access the content they’re interested in while helping you to increase your sales and profits.



With Linkpop, you can curate content, analyze traffic, and sell products through one shareable link. Linkpop seamlessly connects with your store, making it easy to share products directly on your page and have followers shop in a few clicks. Powered by Shopify’s fast and secure checkout, Linkpop converts 2x more traffic into sales versus another link in bio tools.

Marsello: Instagram Marketing

Marsello: Instagram Marketing

Turn social media followers into customers. With Marsello, you can easily plan, schedule and publish organic social media campaigns across Instagram, Facebook & TikTok. Marsello integrates with your eCommerce and Point of Sale software to track sales of products featured in social media posts. Use Marsello to create, edit and auto-publish all your social media posts and measure which posts are generating sales so you can do more of what works.



Create and customize your bio link in minutes

* Connect your socials, website, Shopify store, videos, music, podcasts, events and more in a link in the bio landing page designed to convert and share your Linktree anywhere

* Include your unique URL everywhere people can follow you, and grow your audience faster on every platformAnalyze your customers and keep them engaged

* Track engagement over time, monitor revenue, learn what’s converting and understand more about your sales funnel

bitLink ‑ Shoppable Link Bio

Create a beautiful and creative link in the bio to enhance your brand professionalism.

Tolstoy Shoppable Video & Quiz

Tolstoy Shoppable Video & Quiz

Tolstoy helps you engage your customers with video. Deliver a TikTok-like experience by adding Shoppable videos to your site with 1 click. Easily import your TikTok videos, Instagram stories & reels and YouTube videos and turn them into Shoppable with an "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" button that allows shoppers to purchase a product while watching the video. Tolstoy's videos are the perfect way to boost sales, build stronger connections with your customers, and make them fall in love with your brand

Instagram Shop & Facebook Shop

Instagram Shop & Facebook Shop

The purpose of this app is to help you to grow your audience and get more sales by adding a Call-to-Action to your Instagram, Facebook & Twitter and allowing your audience to shop and pay directly.# Benefits

* Allow audiences to shop and pay within Facebook and Instagram apps.

* Grow your Facebook and Instagram audience.

* Send scheduled MD messages.

* Reply to all comments automatically.

# Key Features:

* Auto-respond to Instagram comments & Facebook comments

* Sync Products to Instagram & Facebook

Shoppable Instagram + FB Posts

Shoppable Instagram + FB Posts

Make your Instagram and Facebook product posts truly shoppable. Anyone who comments on any of your posts gets DM'd a checkout link that's tied to a Shopify draft order. Shoppers check out right from within Instagram or Facebook Messenger. Shoppable can even automatically post products daily for you.

Short Link & Track, By Shortly

Streamline your link management with Shortly! This powerful app allows you to create short links, influencer links, preloaded checkout links, and offer discounts to your customers. Plus, track clicks and sales from each link to see the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. With Shortly, you can easily create YouTube video description links, share discount links with your customers, or even create custom short links with your domain. This is a great way to brand your links.

Track Map Link Tracking

Why would you use Track Map? Let’s say you are working with a social media influencer. They advertise your product and send people to your site to make a purchase. How are you going to track the sales? With Track Map! Just create a link and give it to the influencer to use. Every time a sale comes in, you will know exactly where it came from. We make it easy to create trackable links for all marketing campaigns and display real-time analytics about that link, such as clicks, orders, and profit.



With LinkOne you can easily make a highly customizable mini site hosting all your social media links and your Shopify Store. Showing selected products and collections directly on your social media can help you reach more customers, cater to a specific niche of shoppers and run promotion campaigns. You also have one centralized place to manage all your links and view analytics and insights to make wise business decisions.



Why use LinkTrack?Let’s say you are working with a social media influencer. They advertise your product and send people to your site to make a purchase. How are you going to track the sales? With LinkTrack! Just create a link and give it to the influencer to use. Every time a sale comes in, you will know exactly where it came from. We make it easy to create trackable links for all marketing campaigns and display real-time analytics about that link, such as clicks, orders, and revenue.

Start to Finish

Start to Finish

Pre-fill your customer's cart with products, quantities, discounts and even set shipping information. Use the Start to Finish link to drive sales from newsletters, blogs, ads, emails, and social media bundles straight to the cart. Extra steps along the way add friction and force customers to drop out of the sales funnel. You are exponentially increasing your conversion rate by eliminating these extra steps and pushing users directly to checkout. More customers reaching the checkout = more sales!

Outlink External Links Button

Replace the ‘Add to Cart’ button with the Outlink button for any product. Redirect users to desired external / affiliate pages. Add custom text such as 'View on Amazon' or 'Buy on eBay.' Show on any page. Link out to an affiliate product & earn affiliate commissions. You can also sell digital products - apps, music, files, data, software, services, coupons, etc. Add links to any affiliate network: Clickbank, Rakuten, CJ, ShareASale, Avangate, Avantlink, Kickbooster, LinkShare, SkinLinks etc.

Broken Link 404/301 Redirect

With Broken Link 404/301 Redirect, you can use automatic real-time detection of 404 errors, generate daily or weekly reports for you, and redirect these 404 links to target URLs in batches; you can also create a redirect pattern, Automatically redirect 404 errors to the correct link, no need to manually fix, make your users experience better on your website, reduce bounce rate, increase user retention time, bring more traffic, and increase sales.

AOD External Links Button

AOD External Links Button will allow you to easily add external affiliate link buttons on the product page. As you know, customers always search for a good price on another website. In our app, you can add affiliate links to your products from websites like Amazon, eBay, Jet, Aliexpress etc., so you do not lose your sales, and users will see only your product on different platforms. You can add unique affiliate links for each product. We also provide an option to hide the "Add to cart" button.

BIG Digital Downloads Products

BIG Digital Downloads Products

BIG Digital Downloads Products app helps Shopify merchants sell digital products, digital downloads, codes and game codes, licenses, and serial keys. Any merchant can start a digital business selling games, gift cards, software licenses, or other codes. All your customers will be served with a page where they can download their files once they've paid, on top of receiving an email containing everything. Alternative to wetransfer (we transfer), google drive, dropbox, megaupload)

Link Whisper

Link Whisper is a Revolutionary Shopify App to Speed Up the Process of Internal Linking and Help You Rank Better in Google. Link Whisper offers intelligent, context-based, internal linking suggestions for your Products, Collections, Pages, and Blog Posts, so you don't have to manually search for linking opportunities. In addition, Link Whisper provides keyword-based automatic linking, URL updating, tracking for your clicked links, and link deletion at the press of a button.

Short Link ‑ URL Shortener

Zegsu Short Link URL Shortener is a must-have Shopify App for shop owners looking to create a URL short link (Shortly) and stop working with spammy/suspicious and unattractive long URLs.



This application links your Official LINE Account with Shopify and allows you to send various LINE messages. For example, if you want to send messages only to new buyers, you can use Shopify customer tags to send messages to the target audience. Social logins such as LINE Login can also be introduced into your online store(only for Shopify Plus). We offer free initial setup support.

Data Export IO: Reports

Data Export IO: Reports

"Automate Reporting and Summarize All Data (2,000+ fields) for Your Store!" Data Export features 100+ pre-made reports for easy data insight across multiple categories: Sales, Taxes, Inventory, POS, Payouts, Orders, Customers, Refunds, and more. Includes free expert assistance! Report Builder-Live record preview-Line item details-Summarize by week,etc-Custom fields Scheduler-Send reports via email, FTP, Google Sheets/Drive with basic & advanced schedules File Formats-Excel, CSV, PDF.

BeUniq ‑ External Links

BeUniq - External Links app will allow you to easily add external link buttons on blog article pages, Product pages and content pages. The app installation process is extremely easy and does not require manual code changes. Just enable the app and add external blog links & use it. It will help bloggers to buy products from multiple interfaces. We are here for you 24X7 for any type of assistance. Contact us for any help needed with the installation or anything else.

URL Short Link Generator

Are you tired of long URLs? URL Short Link Generator helps you to convert long URLs into short URLs. You can easily hide your affiliate links and referral links from others, but at the same time, it is possible to track the affiliate link clicks through this app. The app will automatically import and show all product and shop pages which helps you to create short links with a single click. Generate short product links so you can easily share them via social media.

Daraz Link

This App helps keep your products and inventory in sync between Shopify and Daraz.

* Sync product images, descriptions, status, variations, inventory, and prices to Daraz

* Product and inventory updates will be reflected on Daraz in a few seconds

* Reduce inventory on Shopify when there is incoming order on Daraz

* Create Shopify order when there is incoming order on Daraz

* Select which product attributes to sync to Daraz to fit your needs


A Shopify merchant should combine a link in bio app with a product description generator app for his store for several reasons. First, the link in bio app allows customers to easily access product descriptions and other information from the merchant's website. Secondly, the product description generator app can help the merchant create compelling and detailed product descriptions to help the customer understand the product better and decide whether to purchase it. Third, combining both apps can help the merchant boost sales by making it easier and faster for customers to research products on the merchant's website. Finally, combining both apps can also help the merchant save time and effort, as the merchant will no longer need to manually write product descriptions. Combining link in bio and a product description generator app is a great way for a Shopify merchant to promote and increase sales.

Using Link in Bio is a great way for Shopify dropshippers and print-on-demand merchants to maximize their store’s potential. Link in Bio allows store owners to create an easy-to-use, customizable link page with a single click, allowing customers to quickly navigate their desired products. This helps optimize the user experience, allowing customers to quickly find and purchase the needed products. Additionally, Link in Bio provides store owners with a range of features such as analytics, custom design, and the ability to track customer engagement. With these features, store owners can better understand their store’s performance and make informed decisions about how to improve customer experience and optimize their store’s content and marketing. Using Link in Bio is an easy and effective way for Shopify dropshippers and print-on-demand merchants to increase their store’s success.

The link in bio app is an incredibly useful tool for Shopify merchants, allowing them to simplify the process of linking customers to their online stores. By combining link in bio app with a social media app, Shopify merchants can easily create a powerful marketing strategy for their store.

Link in bio app allows merchants to create a single, easy-to-access link that customers can access from the merchant’s social media accounts. This link can direct customers to the store’s homepage, product page, checkout page, or any other page the merchant chooses. This eliminates the need for customers to search for the store or remember a long URL, making it much easier for them to access the store.

Also, link in bio app allows merchants to track the performance of their social media campaigns. This allows them to monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns and make adjustments as needed. With this data, merchants can make informed decisions on how to increase their reach and sales.

Finally, link in bio app allows merchants to create a more interactive experience for their customers. By providing customers with an easy-to-access link, merchants can encourage customers to interact with their store on social media. This can help create loyalty between the merchant and the customer, leading to repeat business.

In conclusion, combining link in bio app with a social media app can be an incredibly powerful tool for Shopify merchants. This combination can simplify the process of directing customers to the store, allow merchants to track the success of their campaigns, and encourage customers to interact with the store on social media. These benefits make it clear that Shopify merchants should be utilizing link in bio app for their stores.