GoWise: AI Product Description App for Shopify Merchants
✓ Generate unique descriptions based on your product and store category
✓ Choose from multiple choices with different tones for each product
✓ Improve your SEO with unique and informative content


Searching for products in an ecommerce store is one of the most critical aspects of customer experience. Customers expect to be able to easily find what they are looking for in an intuitive, seamless way. Search is a crucial element of the customer journey and can make or break the customer experience.

That’s why Shopify merchants should consider using a Search App for their store. Search Apps are specialized apps explicitly designed to improve the search capabilities of an ecommerce store. They are typically built to provide customers with better search results, faster loading times, and a more intuitive search experience.

Using a Search App can have a range of benefits for Shopify merchants, and here are just a few of them.

1. Improved search accuracy: A Search App can ensure that customers get the most accurate search results, even if the query is misspelled or incomplete. This can help customers find what they are looking for in the store.

2. Better search relevance: A Search App can also use algorithms to ensure customers get the most relevant search results based on their query. This can help customers find what they need without having to scroll through page after page of irrelevant results.

3. Improved search speed: Search Apps can help ensure that customers get their results faster, meaning that they can find what they need more quickly and easily. This can reduce customer frustration and can help improve customer satisfaction.

4. Enhanced customer experience: By providing customers with an improved search experience, Search Apps can help ensure that customers have a better overall experience in the store. This can help increase customer loyalty and boost sales.

Overall, Search Apps can be an excellent way for Shopify merchants to improve customers’ store search experience. By providing customers with a more accurate, relevant, and faster search experience, a Search App can help Shopify merchants boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.

Filter products instantly by price, size, colour, tag, vendor, brand, collection and meta fields. Easy to install and customize your filter menu.Powerful search solution with instant suggestions and autocorrect. Product filter on the search page. Easily integrate with the original search bar, theme, and category filter.Your users are easier to find the right product with a sidebar filter and filter collection.

Shopify Search & Discovery

An excellent shopping experience starts with a simple search and seamless discovery. Customize search, filtering, and product recommendations to enhance your products’ relevance and sell more. Use the Shopify Search & Discovery app to deliver results for every search and increase average order value with customized recommendations on any product page. Plus, use analytics to understand how customers are navigating your store and help shoppers find what they’re looking for with these insights.


Doofinder improves search results and product visibility, so your customers can find exactly what they are looking for. Our app delivers personalized search results based on individual, real-time preferences in less than 25 milliseconds without increasing load time. 30-day free trial available. We offer many AI-powered marketing tools to empower your internal site search. Trusted by more than 10,000 online businesses worldwide.

Smart search bar & filter

Rapid Search will help you boost the conversion of your Shopify store through an enterprise-level search engine. Our AI-powered search bar, product and category filters, zero-character suggestions, and many other smart features will instantly increase your performance and improve the customer journey in your store. Our real-time search statistics provide you with useful data that you can use for decision-making and marketing campaigns. We offer a 14-day FREE trial and a unique ROI guarantee!

With Boost Product Filter & Search, you can customize the filter trees and filter options on any page & create a smart search bar easily, which help shoppers find anything within milliseconds. *Besides, advanced eCommerce merchandising settings & insightful reports will help increase the conversion rate of your Shopify store. *The app can handle any store with blazing-fast performance & high-level security by using premium AWS infrastructure. (up to 1M products). *30-day money-back guarantee.

With Product Filter & Search Bar, you can enhance search and filter capabilities while retaining your existing collection page design and functionality (no theme changes required).Create tag-based, price, brand, colour, size, and other filters for your search and collection pages (customize per collection) to improve navigation.Tune your search results with bestseller prioritization, product promotions and synonyms for optimal search performance and sales conversion.Free installation service.

Our App lets your customers quickly find the right products from a large catalogue. You can use our App in different stores, like Vehicles / Bikes / Cars / Boats / Printers / Cartridges / Parts / Audio systems / Air Conditioning / Electronics parts finders/ Tires / Wheels etc. You can create search drop-downs like Year, Make, Model, Sub Model / Engine OR Printer Brand, Printer Series, Printer Model OR Wheel Width, Wheel Diameter, Wheel Offset etc.

360 product search and filters

360 product search and filters

With 360 product searches and filters, you can ensure your customers are delivered the exact thing they’re looking for in the blink of an eye. Intense granularity in search control allows you to make your search yours – no more one-size-fits-all search that’s just good enough. Curate your results as you see fit, and rest assured that our app won’t demand people think like robots. This is complemented by best-in-class support and deep analytics to help you discover ways to grow.

AI Search & Product Filter

Leveraging the power of Machine Learning and NLP to make the Search discovery experience a consumer natural, efficient, and fast.Context-based search powered by AI/NLPUnderstands queries in mixed language & native language scriptRelevant queries & product suggestionsInbuilt Spell check, Auto-complete & Synonym modulesRule-based merchandising & redirectionsControl over products that appear in the searchProduct Ranking for better ROIMobile-friendly and customizable UIAnalytics & Insights.


Search apps are a vital component of the success of any Shopify store. By leveraging the power of search technology, Shopify merchants can increase the visibility of their products, provide customers with a better shopping experience, and drive more sales.

The benefits of a search app on a Shopify store are numerous. Search apps can optimize the experience by providing accurate, relevant search results. This can lead to higher conversion rates as customers can easily find what they are looking for. The search app can also help to reduce cart abandonment rates, as customers can quickly locate what they are looking for without leaving the site. Additionally, search apps can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and trends, allowing merchants to better understand their customers and target their marketing efforts accordingly.

Search apps are also user-friendly and offer a range of features designed to make the search experience more efficient. Search filters allow customers to narrow their search results, while autocomplete features can help customers quickly find what they are looking for. The search app can also be easily customized to match the look and feel of the store, providing a consistent experience across the site.

Overall, search apps are an essential tool for Shopify merchants. The benefits of using a search app far outweigh the cost and time investment required to set it up. By harnessing the power of search technology, Shopify merchants can ensure that their customers have an enjoyable and efficient shopping experience. With a search app in place, Shopify merchants can increase the visibility of their products, reduce cart abandonment rates, and drive more sales.

Shopify merchants should consider combining a search app with a product description generator app to improve their store’s customer experience. A search app will help customers quickly find the product they are looking for. In contrast, a product description generator app will provide customers with detailed product information, so they can make an informed decision. This combination of apps will also help reduce customer confusion, as customers can easily find the product they’re looking for and clearly understand what it is. Additionally, these apps will allow merchants to optimize their store’s user experience by providing customers with an easy-to-navigate store. These benefits mean combining a search app and a product description generator app can significantly improve a Shopify merchant’s store.

In conclusion, a search app for Shopify dropshippers and print-on-demand merchant stores is beneficial for various reasons. It can help the merchant quickly find what their customers are looking for, as well as help them to improve their overall search engine optimization efforts. It can also help to save time and money, as the search app can quickly locate items, and the merchant can quickly access them. Additionally, the app can offer valuable insights into the store's performance, so the merchant can make changes as needed. All these factors make it an excellent choice for any store.