GoWise: AI Product Description App for Shopify Merchants
✓ Generate unique descriptions based on your product and store category
✓ Choose from multiple choices with different tones for each product
✓ Improve your SEO with unique and informative content


SMS (short message service) marketing is an incredibly effective tool for Shopify merchants to reach out to their customers. With SMS, merchants can send personalized messages to their customers quickly and cost-effectively. It is one of the most direct and personal methods of marketing available, allowing businesses to reach their customers in a way that is more personal than other traditional methods.

One of the main advantages of using an SMS marketing app is its ability to target customers with precise and timely messages. Merchants can send notifications to their customers when they have a promotion, a sale, or a new product launch. This allows them to stay in touch with their customers and promptly promote their products and services.

Another great benefit of using an SMS marketing app is its ability to track customer engagement with the messages they send. This helps merchants evaluate their campaigns' effectiveness and make adjustments as needed. With this data, merchants can also identify their most engaged customers and target them with special offers and promotions.

SMSBump: SMS Marketing & Email

With Yotpo SMSBump, you can seamlessly grow your SMS & email lists, recover abandoned carts, and send revenue-driving texts and emails that make your sales skyrocket. Choose from a library of high-converting SMS templates and automation to engage with shoppers in real time and maximize the effect of each customer interaction.

Postscript SMS Marketing

With Postscript use SMS to engage with customers and increase revenue. Capture a customer’s phone number compliantly, leverage Shopify data to create targeted SMS marketing campaigns, have two-way conversations with customers, and drive sales. Sync your store data and easily activate text marketing automations like back in stock, abandoned cart reminders, shipping notifications, and more. Quick to get started, intuitive to use; Postscript turns SMS into your #1 new revenue channel.

Automizely SMS Marketing

Send customers automated text messages at scheduled intervals to recover abandoned carts and recapture lost sales. Encourage customers to check out by sending simple automated SMS notifications—all in compliance with TCPA and GDPR. Send ideally timed, targeted text messages, thanks to the automatic trigger settings and auto-filled checkout fields to boost successful checkouts.

Supercharged SMS Marketing

Drive traffic & sales with personalized text message marketing campaigns. Set up automation to recover abandoned carts, confirm orders & more! Easily sync existing data into your account. Send and receive SMS and MMS messages to & from customers right within Shopify Admin, Shopify Inbox, or Shopify POS. Create targeted text marketing campaigns, triggered automation (such as shipping notifications, checkout recovery, order delivery etc.), and 1:1 conversations to boost retention and engagement.

Emotive: SMS Marketing

1,000+ brands rely on Emotive to deliver a 27x ROI on average and engage their customers through automated two-way text message conversations. Your Emotive plan comes with dedicated strategy, support, and copywriting resources and even offers do-it-for-you options to ensure you maximize your revenue. Emotive is free to try, easy to use, and risk-free to get started. We offer a 5x ROI guarantee or your money back.

TxtCart Plus+ SMS Marketing

1,100+ Shopify brands rely on TxtCart to generate a 29X ROI on average and add 15-20% more revenue through automated two-way SMS conversations. With TxtCart you can quickly grow a compliant SMS marketing subscriber list, automate your abandoned cart recovery efforts, and segment data synced with Shopify to better understand your metrics. We believe you should be able to talk with your customers, not at them...that's why we pioneered Conversational Commerce with real human agents and powerful AI.

WhatsApp & SMS Marketing: TCW

The ConvertWay - One & only platform for SMS & WhatsApp marketing automation. Automate your re-marketing flows to boost eCommerce conversion, retain customers and recover lost sales. With this SMS & WhatsApp marketing automation app, you recover abandoned carts, personalized marketing campaigns, win-back customer flows, welcome series, Converse with buyers 1 on 1, Cross-sell and upsell your products, & much more.

Tobi. SMS Marketing Automation

Tobi is SMS marketing app to send customers promotional offers, order updates and abandoned cart reminders. It's a great abandonment protector to help you win back would-be shoppers by sending them abandoned cart recovery texts. Tobi allows you to create a range of SMS automation to reward new customers with a discount, win-back existing customers or send a text message with birthday greetings and discount codes. And make more money from existing customers with retargeting text marketing campaigns!


SMS marketing is an invaluable tool for Shopify merchants. This type of marketing allows merchants to quickly and easily reach a wide audience with promotions and offers, helping to boost their sales and increase their customer base. By utilizing an SMS marketing app, merchants can create campaigns tailored to their audience, track their success, and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Using an SMS marketing app also allows merchants to utilize powerful automation to send out campaigns at the correct times and to the right audiences. This helps ensure that merchants get the most out of their marketing efforts and that their campaigns reach the right people. Additionally, the ability to easily track the success of campaigns allows merchants to make more informed decisions about their marketing efforts.

Combining an SMS marketing app with a product description generator app is a great way to ensure merchants can create effective and informative campaigns. By combining the two apps, Shopify merchants can create product descriptions that accurately reflect the product and are tailored to the target audience. This makes campaigns more effective and helps to ensure that customers are more likely to take action and purchase the product.

An SMS marketing app would be a great asset to a Shopify dropshipper or print on demand merchant. It allows them to quickly and easily send personalized messages to their customers and potential customers. This can be used to announce new products and promotions and offer discounts and loyalty rewards. 

SMS marketing apps also make it easy to segment customers into different categories to ensure they receive the right message at the right time. The ability to track open rates and click-throughs makes it easier for merchants to make decisions about their marketing efforts and measure their success.